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Shoulder Instability

Anterior instability

1. Weeks 1-4: Patient told to wear sling full time but can rotate arm to 0 degrees.

2. After 4 weeks: Sling discontinued and patient begins overhead stretching using a rope and pulley.

3. After 6 weeks: Patient begins passive external rotation stretching with a goal of having one half the amount of external rotation that is present on the opposite (normal) side by 12 weeks post op. Theraband strengthening as described for rotator cuff.

4. After 3 months strengthening with weights in Gym

5. Contact sports at 6 months

Posterior Instability.

1. As above, sling in 10 degrees of internal rotation for 4 weeks. 
2. No passive internal rotation exercises. Patient allowed to re-gain internal rotation gradually. 

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