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Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation

No Subscapularis

1. First 6 weeks: Patient wears sling 24hrs. Patient can remove sling to undertake passive external rotation stretches as tolerated to 45 degrees.

2. Week 7-12: Begins passive elevation using rope and pulley as well as supine overhead stretches using opposite arm. Patient progresses gradually to active exercices. Internal rotation stretches, reverse rope and pulley stretch at 8-10 weeks. Avoid aggressive stretching.

3. Week 13+ : Strengthening program using Theraband: Low to high, 4 reps of 10 twice a day. 
a. Resisted ext rotation
b. Resisted internal rotation
c. One armed row
d. Biceps curl

Subscapularis Tears

As above but external rotation restricted to 0 degrees for first 6 weeks.

Revision Rotator cuff tears and those > 5cm

As above except no strengthening until 16 weeks

Rotator cuff tears with SLAP repair.

As above except begin immediate passive forward elevation, external and internal rotation.

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