The Birmingham Sport Injuries Clinic

Dedicated to delivering the highest standards of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for all knee and Shoulder problems


Weeks 1 through 3

Non–weight-bearing with crutches; long leg brace locked in full extension.

Weeks 4 through 6

Non–weight-bearing with crutches continues until the end of postoperative week 6. The long leg brace is unlocked, and progressive range of motion begins during postoperative weeks 4 through 6.

Weeks 7 through 10

Progressive weight-bearing with crutches at 25% of body weight per week over a period of 4 weeks to full weight- bearing at the end of postoperative week 10.

Weeks 11 through 24

Progressive range of motion and strength training, avoiding resisted hamstring exercises.

Weeks 25 through 52

Continue strength and agility training. Return to sports or heavy labor when strength, range of motion, and proprioceptive skills are symmetric to the uninjured lower extremity.

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